Monday, January 3, 2011

Akulah Guru itu..

Hari ni, hari yg amat besar bg sy.. Bukan sbb sy nk kawen ke tunang ke..tidak.. tp sbb ape y terpksa sy lalaui hrni membuatkan sy bkn je bukak mata, tp bukak hati n bukak mulut..

Bukak mulut??? Yes.. bukak mulut yg slama ni sy x brp nk bukak luas2.. Tetapi, oleh kerana sy terpksa buat cmtu. Hurm...

Today is my first day in this new year-2011 to be a teacher and meet my students. Before this, i only came to school to do whatever necessary, attend meeting, sold text books, gotong royong sekolah..etc..etc..

Never thought that I will handle one class, with 25 students. Becoming a class teacher is a big experience for me. Since I'm new, i found it very challenging.

Why?? Not bcause everyday i'm trapped in traffic jams, not because I was asked to teach Sejarah... BUT!

Because i have to handle a challenging class. Knp challenging?????

Tuhan sj yg tahu, ape sy rs, bila 25 org "anak" yg sy kena jaga tu merupakan anak2 yg x semudah lidah bkata utk d handle n d conquer. (25 but feel like it's 100)

Ya rabbi ya kariim.. hanya engkau yg mengerti...

Bila sy ckp A, dorg ckp B.. Bila sy marah, dorg diam kejap. Pastu huha huha balik..
Sy x pnh expect 1st day, sy sudah terpaksa menjerit, menepuk meja n memarahi.. bila marah, rs termengah2.. Ingat anak2 sy reti diam lama. tp ternyta tak....

Sy mkn nasi, tp x habis. kepala rs berat, smpai sy x tahu cne sy nk bertindak ng anak2 sy ni.. Sy cube bckp elok2, tp anak2 sy x suke. Dorg lebih suka sy bukak mulut, bru reti diam..

Anak2 ku oi... kalau hari2 cmni, don't u think i will become more n more cruel to all of you???
I hate yelling. but u force me to do a bad thing. You're 25, i'm alone.

I've pointed my fingers to you, i've yelled more than 5 times. Yet, it's still not enough.Oh God. Help me out. I just hope I can cope with this. You know me better than I know myself.

Anak2ku, Im trying now, n later.. to shape u. I've asked for yr favor to give good cooperation to me.. I can still remember what happened today, but I don't know whether all of u still remember what I said or not. I know u're not going to give up in trying to test my patience. You'll not going to stop easily. I know. I know.

It's tiring to do all "these" things every single day.... I can't believe that I'M THE TEACHER.

All teachers are "afraid" to be yr class teachers. before this... I wonder WHY is it so??? But NOW, I can TRULY UNDERSTAND....

Anak2ku...please..jgn slalu loyar buruk dlm kelas. I'm afraid i Can't stand it....

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